The Best of the Interwebs

by f

Sadly, I’ve been doing a lot more reading than writing. Writing good, well-researched pieces takes time, and there has been excellent reading material out there these days.

As I comb through the internet, trying to find good ideas for issues to highlight, I find a lot of good material that stands on its own. So I’ll list a few. Hopefully, in the comments, we can start a lively discussion on some of the following.

1. Feministe has an excellent piece on sluts, and what slutdom really teaches a woman. I wanted to give this woman a standing ovation.

2. Jezebel wrote about image manipulation legislation over in the United Kingdom and what this means for the magazine/entertainment industry.

3. Sophia Bush has written an open letter to Urban Outfitters about their heinous “Eat Less” shirt.

4. The outpouring of support for consumer advocate and White Knight Elizabeth Warren.

5. Japanese women have the longest life expectancy they’ve ever had — making them the longest living human demographic.

6. It’s good to know that the Saudi clerics don’t mind it if Muslim women go around in other countries with their faces uncovered.
Discuss away!

2 Comments to “The Best of the Interwebs”

  1. This is my favorite part of the Feministe piece:

    Even now, with more time passed, now, when I am actually ready for and wanting a more emotional connection, sluthood keeps me centered. It keeps me from confusing desire and affection with something deeper. It means I have another choice besides celibacy and settling. It means I won’t enter another committed relationship just to satisfy my basic need for sex and affection. It gives me more choices, it makes room for relationships to evolve organically, to take the shape they will before anyone defines them.

    Too often we think we have binary options, all or nothing. And we all need to find a way to chill the fuck out. She took her need for sex out of the equation, she can get that elsewhere, so she doesn’t need to rush her relationships. It won’t work for everyone, but more women should feel able to try it.

    Oh, and golf clap to the clerics.

    However, he added, if Muslim women are in a country that has banned the niqab, or full-face veil, or if they face harassment in such a place, “it is better that the Muslim woman uncovers her face.”

    My goodness, putting their well-being first? What will they think of next!?

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