No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.

by subterfusex

Cupcakes secured, sir! // via Flickr user vermininc

Our enemy is time. F has been trying to find a working outlet in Gotham, and D has found temp work that requires she, you know, work. So we’ve been a little lax this week.

Due to changes in plans, the Digest newsletter will now go out on Sundays. Assignment Desk posts will continue to go up on Fridays; this week’s will be up by the end of Saturday.

On the upside, D worked out how to make Gravatars magically appear (and update automatically!), so the Alphabet Soup page now looks really cool. You can also keep track of who’s who on the new Secondary Characters page.

Oh, and we now have a Flickr account to keep track of (and thank) all the people whose Creative Commons licensing makes our blog look so awesome.

2 Comments to “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”

  1. Cronos seems to enjoy making a pain out of himself, eh? :p

    I’m sure that everyone here understands the time constraints and that you guys (and others here) all have lives outside of Subterfuge and that sometimes things here will have to be adjusted to make leeway.

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