Dear Person Whose Search Terms Make Us Sick,

by subterfusex

There are no search suggestions for 'incest.'

Our blog stats tell us that you found us by looking for, “free 13 year old incest.”

Obviously you did not find what you were after on this blog. We assume you landed on D’s post about Sharron Angle’s inability to empathize with anyone who is not her. Under normal circumstances we would consider that punishment enough, but the nature of your search requires a harsher condemnation.

What the fuck, dude?

There is no ambiguity in your search. You are looking for porn, involving a thirteen year old, and incest.

No, really, what the fuck?

(The fact that you want it for free does not improve our opinion of your character.)

We at Subterfuge are typically pro-sexuality. Whatever gets you off, it’s your business–until what gets you off hurts another person, and they are unwilling or unable to give consent. A thirteen year old qualifies as ‘unable to give consent.’ They are in the midst of puberty, without the maturity or breadth of knowledge to understand what is happening to them. Worse, you want incest, which immediately forces us to consider emotional manipulation. Such a young person is at the mercy of older family members, with an ingrained desire to be liked, loved, and accepted. It is not uncommon for those desires, when spurned, will be turned downward and this child may commit abuse against other children. Kids want to explore, and should be given room to in safe ways, but not all exploration is done in good faith. And the people who look for and make porn with such a theme are not acting in good faith.

What titillates you makes us retch. For us, the thirteen year old you mention is not a hot search term, he or she is a person with vulnerabilities that you wish to exploit. That exploitation is part of the kick.

Here is what happens when thirteen year olds are coerced into sex, rape, and incest.

We ran your search terms through Google, and we didn’t find porn. We found Sharon Angle, Roman Polanski, and the case of a thirteen year old girl in Iran whose brother impregnated her.

She was sentenced, for “moral sin” and having an “unholy child,” to death, possibly by stoning. (Her brother was given 150 lashes and imprisonment. After all, he didn’t affront God by having a baby.) An international outcry was raised. No matter, she was given some 55 lashings, and spent months in prison vomiting. I cannot determine what happened to her, 2004 seems like a lifetime ago.

F has first-hand experience with the results of ill treatment. She has worked for an organization in India that helps girls through the education system, so they can lift themselves out of poverty, away from marriages that would trap them as they are. This is from her Subrosa archive:

I met a girl who was forced into a child marriage a long time ago, when I was sixteen years old. Her name was Vannilla–no joke–it’s a Telugu name. She was subject to all sorts of indignities at the hands of her husband. When we were alone together, without the aid of an interpreter, (mind you, I was sixteen when she told me this–to think that she would consider me of age to hear it and her of an age to experience a millionth of this makes me a hybrid of devastated and bloodthirsty. And I don’t think I could ever forget the story if I outlive cockroaches.)

This telling was only possibly when I found out she knew and spoke a fluent Tamil, which is closer to my mother tongue.

“He would tie my arms to the bedpost and force me to eat green chillies,” she said, “until my nose would run into my mouth. I would have to do all the work in the house with my legs tied together so that I couldn’t run off in the evenings.”

And then, “He would come back after his biryani and drinking [there is a common phrase for this, which eludes me at the moment] and then he would untie my legs and spread them apart. He would force himself inside and would beat me because I would bleed through the bed. After the first few weeks we slept on the floor where he held me down my tying my hands to the handles of the large water tanks we kept in the front room.”

When her husband’s brother raped her while her husband watched, she tried to kill herself the next day with rat poison and the sarpanch (the village head) found her unconscious on her doorstep. She ended up killing her fetus with the rat poison–yes, she was pregnant–and they managed to be able to save her only because the sarpanch had the luck to find her in such a position. The husband was later beaten to death by her twenty-year-old brother, who had returned from college to find out that the marriage had taken place.

This all happened when she was thirteen. At sixteen she still barely spoke and only agreed to talk wtih me when I made it clear I would not use this in my report for the foundation. (I worked with them then, too… I have quite a history.) There were more atrocities, and it’s frustrating that I am one of the few people in the world alive to know everything… entirely by chance. But I don’t want to think of the Benjaminic possibilty that there was even so much more than what she told me. I just remember coming home from the field that day and getting the crying over with in the car so when I got back to V Mammi’s, Amma wouldn’t ask me what was wrong.

Dahlia Rose Monroe had this to add:

I was enlightened by F recently that someone had searched for something rather disgusting that led them to this blog recently. This search term related to incest of a 13 year old. Hearing that sent my blood boiling.

I have a friend whom I am very close to that has dealt with this personally. Ever since she was young, she had her father trying to do things with/to her sexually. Even when her friends came over to visit her, her father would try to get it on with them, even. When she was in the shower, there was her father, masturbating in the bathroom while she was in there. All of this didn’t occur in the short span of a few weeks or months; it was something that lasted for many years.

So you can understand my disgust when I heard this news from F about that search term. Honestly, I think you need some sort of therapy. To think that this was an okay thing to do is beyond my comprehension. Here, try this: pick something in your life that really and truly traumatized you. The worst thing that has ever happened to you in your life so far. So bad that the mere thought of it changes your mood, and talking about it is nearly impossible without breaking down, if being able to speak of it at all. Now, imagine me making fun of you for it. Doesn’t feel too good, huh? That is the essence of what you are doing when you search for terms like that – you are picking at the scabs of the wounded. Grow up a little bit for once in your life and realize that things like that are far from okay. I don’t care if it was a joke or it was serious – whomever you are, male or female, rich or poor, fat or thin – you are just as disgusting as your search term.

To the next person who finds us by searching for something illegal or reprehensible:

Read this post in full. Think about it, hard.

Is it really as sexy as you thought it was?

If you can read all this and still find it appealing… we don’t want to know. There’s no hope for you.

UPDATE 9/17/2010:

So, apparently, the search engine thinks we are an appropriate result for “preteen incest.”

Subterfuge: We know what you came here for.

We find this utterly hilarious, and also really disturbing. We didn’t need it confirmed that people are, right now, looking for preteen incest. We’ve had other creepy phrases turn up in our stats as well.

But we’re really, really glad these porn-hunters wound up on this post.

May your boners shrivel and retreat into your rectum.

4 Comments to “Dear Person Whose Search Terms Make Us Sick,”

  1. How disgusting. It doesn’t surprise me, though. There are all manner of sickos in the world and the majority of them seem to have access to the Internet.

  2. I don’t want to think about the number of sickos who don’t have ‘net access. I’m sure there are WAY too many for comfort.

  3. Good that you figured out where he landed to.
    I have few similar hits too (bit less outrageous ) and I am still wondering how google directed them to me !!

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