Gratuitous Man Pics: Sean Biggerstaff

by d

Way back in the dark ages (2001-2002), when F and I were in high school, the first Harry Potter movies came out. A friend of ours immediately picked out the only male of acceptable age and attractiveness, in a sea of otherwise ineligible ten year olds and old men.

He was Oliver Wood, captain of Harry Potter’s Quiddith team (that game where they fly on broomsticks). For girls not interested in slogging through the books, he was one of the only reasons to watch. Sadly, Oliver graduated from Hogwarts when Harry was in his third year.

BUT! We’ve just learned that Oliver Wood, played by Sean Biggerstaff (Yes, you’re reading that right, his names are Wood and Biggerstaff. ) will have a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part in the last Harry Potter.” I remembered our days of yore, sitting around the lunch table making crude jokes about big wood. So of course I looked him up again.

Oh, my god, Sean Biggerstaff has gotten hotter. Like, way hotter.

What’s he been up to for the last eight years? Some more films, TV, radio dramas, theater… Some quite highly acclaimed. Look him up on Wiki and IMDb, then go rent something. We plan to.

4 Comments to “Gratuitous Man Pics: Sean Biggerstaff”

  1. W-wow….all I have to say is…hubba hubba! Anything else would be too crude even for Subterfuge. <_<; Although, it does amuse me that while the majority of the cast got better looking, the dude that played Draco…did not. :p

  2. I’m sorry, but that name “Biggerstaff” makes me think dirty things…

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