101 Ways to Say “I Give A Shit”

by subterfusex

via Flickr by Jesse Menn

This is post #101 of Subterfuge. We are freaking exited. Here are some more very cool numbers.

222 days since Subterfuge began

14 days since moving to WordPress

1,079 total views since moving to WordPress

Top 5 posts:

3 posts for our favorite Gratuitous Man Pic-Subject: Isaiah Mustafa

13 posts tagged “gender roles

35 posts in the “womens issues” category

34 posts in the “confessional” category

3 recurring contributors

2 incredibly happy editors


6 Comments to “101 Ways to Say “I Give A Shit””

  1. Moving to wordpress is a good move. Loved whatever I have read so far… I am a part of those statistics above 🙂

    Subscribed today and will be following you. Must thank Bach for sharing a link to this blog!

  2. Wow, now this is awesome! 🙂

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