The Assignment Desk Launches

by subterfusex

We’re always looking for contributors, both one-off and long-term.

I (D) realize that what we’re asking for can seem enormous. Every time I open this page without a specific idea in mind, I draw a blank. There is SO MUCH out there to write about. And we’ve already narrowed the focus to ‘women.’ But that’s everything and anything related to women. So it’s not actually that narrow.

I hated when teachers gave us an assignment and left the topic too wide open. It’s almost worse than when they demand every essay stick to the same, constricting thesis.

Now there’s a page, The Assignment Desk, where we’ll keep an ongoing tally of potential topics. If you see something you like, post in the comments to claim it as your own, or send us an email. And, once a week, on Friday afternoons, we’ll put up a post highlighting a handful of topics we very much want you to write about. You’ll have the weekend to think about it, and hopefully get it done by Monday. We find it’s best to write while the idea is fresh.

Here are the inaugural ideas.


Why I won’t call myself a feminist – The F word carries a lot of baggage. Need a hand?

Media and Pop Culture

Music – Who speaks to you? Dahlia Rose Monroe says Lady Gaga.

Cultural Issues

The Burqua was just banned in France. Were the motivations sound, and is this is good or bad for the women who wear/wore them?

Politics and Law

Did you know the new US health legislation mandates that employers must provide a space for breast-feeding women to express milk in a safe and comfortable environment? There are more surprises in there, too!


Why do fathers walk their daughters down the aisle? How do you feel about being ‘given away’?


Luisa Capetillo (1879-1922) – Puerto Rican labor union suffragette; jailed for wearing pants in public.

Got an idea? Claim an idea in the comments, or send us an email. See the Submissions and Guidelines pages for more information about what we want in a post.

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