Old Spice Guy Talks Back: The mascularity of it! [Updated as more awesomeness is found]

by d

If I were an obnoxiously rich and spoiled heiress planning her Sweet 16 with a suite of MTV cameras following me around, I would not ask for midgets, the resurrected Beatles, or even enough chocolate to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

I would ask for Isaiah Mustafa, live, in a towel, poolside, to say excellent things to me all night. Like these.



After that AMAZING up-and-downer, TheFrisky’s Susannah (lucky, lucky girl!!) made a list of some of the best: http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-the-hottest-personalized-messages-from-the-old-spice-guy/

Oh, Old Spice Guy. Won’t you please direct some of that mascularity this way? We Subterfuge ladies are already puddles of goo, and yet we find the strength to blog about you.

Update, 4:46pm:

He BARKS. http://lovelyandroid.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/everyone-loves-the-old-spice-man/

And he’s totally in a long-term committed relationship with Alyssa Milano. He sent her roses. See Alyssa’s blog.

6 Comments to “Old Spice Guy Talks Back: The mascularity of it! [Updated as more awesomeness is found]”

  1. *sigh* Oh, I just love a man who can make anything he says actually sound sexy no matter how stupid it is….and when he can’t his body makes up for it~! I knew there was a good reason that Old Spice was my favorite men’s fragrance. ^_^ Old Spice and Aqua Velva make a deadly awesome combination, actually. o.o *ahem* I will shut up now…*obsessively favorites all the Old Spice Guy videos*

    • Haha I couldn’t tell Old Spice from anything else for my life.

      But, oh… that amazing body, that AMAZING sense of humor… And the script! *swoon*

      • Hehe, I can tell the difference very easily! But, that’s just me. :p I like original scented Old Spice the best out of their line.

        But, I definitely agree with you, I love this guy’s ads. They’re awesome on so many sexy levels. :p

  2. See, the only way this can maybe, *maybe* be made better is by casting Keith David. *sighs*
    Although I am by no means complaining about the current quality of sexy mascularity!

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