An Editor’s Excuse

by f

Yeah, lady. Do as the sign says.

Sorry, folks.

Yes, this is your absentee editor, and she’s excellent when it comes to making excuses.

So where have I been?

It’s been a quiet weekend of visiting old friends. Now that I’m home with my parents, it’s difficult to see anyone. I’m stuck in this house, in the middle of nowhere, with only my free college days to cling to.

Suddenly, now that my mother’s away, I’ve got this terrific freedom. I’m re-connecting with my best friend from college. I’m continuing to connect with my high school best friend who’s got an amazing apartment in a great location.
I connected with W, but not as extensively as I would’ve liked. Our “connection” was a beautiful Thai dinner (I loved it, but I was too tired to fully enjoy it) and then amazing, intense sex the morning I had to go home. Can I say that there’s nothing in this world quite like morning sex? It is the most amazing thing invented by nature. The general feeling of well-being that comes with just waking up — unless, of course, there happen to be intestine-loving Mack trucks around — is amazing. Couple that with the fact that mornings are lethargic inventions, I can tell you that sex becomes an activity of languid but intense beauty.

Now that I’m home, I count my every blessing. I had a whole day with friend N and an evening with H who I had not seen in over three years. N and I — and H and I — watched the waterfront at two different times. One in the tar blackness of the night and the second in the peace of a slightly-humid summer day.

Each day involved a lot of walking while carrying a broken suitcase, so I always woke up after an exhausting day feeling like a Mack truck broke through my small intestines. The sensation passed within hours, but it was unpleasant nevertheless.

When I came home I found that D had worked overtime to make Subterfuge amazing. She posted multiple entries a day, and the magazine functioned perfectly in my absence.

That makes me want to bring my A game. Nobody wants to be seen as disposable, right? That’s my biggest fear. And my greatest triumph? Being indispensable. Excuse me while I go ahead and work on those distended drafts and fragmented ideas. I’m back with a vengeance, and I’m knocking my knuckles raw on the wood board behind me that I manage to keep this motivational spirit.

2 Comments to “An Editor’s Excuse”

  1. It wasn’t only me, I actually felt a bit superfluous. We have had amazing entries from our new contributors. I urge everyone to check them out.

  2. Sometimes you need a break in order to keep your drive and do your best work 🙂

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