The Power of Lady Gaga

by dahliarosemonroe

I love Lady Gaga. I freely admit it, and everyone who knows me knows how big of a fan of Mother Monster I am. Over the past year and a half, she has rocketed to super stardom from what seems like out of nowhere. She now has the most fans on Facebook ever for a living person, and nearly every single she releases becomes a #1 hit. Her fans (myself included) are known as her “Little Monsters”. But why is this, exactly? Let me take the opportunity to explain to you, from my personal viewpoint, why so many people adore her.

What first got me interested in Lady Gaga was her music. I remember first hearing “Just Dance” when I was just moved into my first apartment with JR and thinking, “Damn, this song is hot!”

By the time JR and I got DirecTV installed, I saw her video for “Poker Face”. That was even hotter. I couldn’t stop singing her songs in my head and dancing to them whenever they came onto the radio. Then LoveGame … then Paparazzi … then Bad Romance. Every new song was bigger and better than the last. And you couldn’t help but take notice of Lady Gaga because of her sense of style. It’s true: her fashion is a little out there. Most people don’t understand it. But you need to look at her style of dress more from the perspective of art rather than functionality.

People were talking about the fashion in this video for weeks. Everyone wanted to know what she was going to wear, and what kind of statement she was going to make. How is that not genius? She makes a statement not only with her music, but also with her fashion and what she does in her videos. She is an artist.

Not everyone will understand what she is trying to achieve with her videos, her clothes, or her music, but that doesn’t mean that she is evil, a heretic, a whore, or whatever you decide to call her today. As a matter of fact, I can identify with her.

If you have ever read a Lady Gaga interview, you can tell she has really been through a lot so far in her life. No part of her life has ever been easy, and any time she has been happy there has always been some sort of problem or issue to dampen her joy. I have gone through the same exact thing throughout most, if not all, of my life.

If you read my introductory post, you already know something of my trials and tribulations. In that respect I feel as if Gaga and I are attached at the hip. Plus I love the fact that she feels free to express herself for who she is. She doesn’t care what anyone else has to say; she is who she is, and anyone who has an issue with it can go f- off.

I have always prided myself on being different than most women out there; I am a Marine, I’m taller than most human females, I’m a mix of many rare nationalities, I don’t have some of the same crazy tendencies many other women do… I could go on.

But I won’t. (It gets too long that way. But you get my point.)

The fact that she fully accepts her freak factor helps me to start to fully accept my own freak factor. Everyone has a freak factor. Some people just try and cover it up, and some others just let go and be themselves. I’ve always let part of my freak flag fly, but thanks to Miss Gaga I’m letting more of that flag be seen. I’m getting more and more to the point where I don’t care what the hell anyone thinks anymore. I am who I am. Oh, you don’t like it? Screw you then.

Some people consider Gaga just a manifestation of all of the stereotypes of pop music and media, or that she is Madonna 2.0, and that’s how she rocketed to stardom.I disagree. First of all, entertainment seems to crap out female singers that are these “pretty young thangs”, with a voice that may or may not match the outer wrapping.

I admit, Lady Gaga is not the most attractive woman out there (who is? No seriously…who is? I think I missed the memo), but that woman has got a voice on her. She also writes all of her own songs. You can’t say that about Madonna, sorry. Lady Gaga also has more symbolism in her videos and in her lyrics. Madonna’s videos and lyrics, although they did have some symbolism, are mostly “what you see is what you get” superficial.

Gaga makes her videos and lyrics very interpretive, and each listener can form her own personal meaning. That’s Gaga’s point. I can listen to every song from her Fame Monster album, and her songs will still speak to me no matter how I feel. Every song’s meaning and touch is relative to the listener and what their emotions/feelings are at that particular time.

Lady Gaga is honestly the first artist who ever touched me on such a deep level that I wish I could just kiss her. I think she is a genius. Not everyone will understand her or what she represents, and that’s fine. But for those of us who see her and hear her, she makes us feel alive, like we are able to be ourselves and live like we have always dreamed. It’s time to celebrate that.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
— Pablo Picasso

5 Responses to “The Power of Lady Gaga”

  1. This is a brilliant & moving portrayal of your relationship with this icon. Very, very well done.

  2. I really like Lady Gaga, though her singles don’t catch me up as much as the songs that allow her voice to really shine.

    What Madonna did was groundbreaking, and she deserves kudos for that. But I see her as being closer to Marylin Monroe than to Gaga–it’s all for show, it’s a costume made to draw attention, a deliberate stab in the gut to someone she never liked. Gaga is authentic, she is the real deal. She wears this crazy things because she genuinely wants to. I don’t think she’s doing it solely for her image. I think the people marketing her use it that way, but she’s just doing her thang.

    Like going to a baseball game in her undies. Go figger.


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