Huge: Delving Deeper

by d

I really like the Y.

“SCREW BODY FASCISM,” reads the handmade sign by Will’s bed. She made it, at least partially, from clippings taken from a magazine. A magazine that belongs to another girl.

“Ok, it fell on my bed, and when I see propaganda that I know is destroying girls’ brains, it’s my duty as an angry feminist to destroy it.”

Will really, really doesn’t like this shit. Amber has her own pin-ups, which she calls “Thinspiration.” Will puts up Rubenesque beauties from classical art. “They’re fatspiration,” she says pointedly.

I think she’s being snarky about the ‘angry feminist’ part. I hope so. Because destroying someone else’s property does not reflect well on any kind of feminism.

HEAR YE, HEAR YE. We do not advocate the willful destruction of property, even if it is propaganda.

This episode delved deeper into the characters, giving us a glimpse at who each really is. On the whole, I’m impressed with the authenticity of these characters. The writing and filming is also good. If you’ve had your doubts, give the first two episodes.

A new camper is introduced, and she brings her whole family with her. Our weak-willed camp director gives in to them and allows them to ‘observe’ their daughter settling in. For TWO DAYS. They’re clearly a close-knit, if very odd, family. It’s nice to see that on television. But this helicoptering is out of hand. It turns out they want to stay close because their daughter has anxiety attacks. They should have stayed in a nearby motel, not sat in on camp activities and made their daughter’s bed. On the nice side, the mother did some mothering of Will.

Also of interest, Will’s got a little crush brewing. She says to Becca, her only female friend, “Do I seem gay to you?”


Like, on a scale of one to… Ellen…

I don’t know, I’ve never met any lesbians… my age… so…

Well. Some people, apparently, think that about me. It’s not like I care, it’s just… hypothetically, what if I wanted to hook up with a guy while I’m here? … Hypothetically!

Dun dun dun. The moment passes, but clearly Becca keeps thinking about it. She is perhaps the sweetest friend anyone could ever hope to have. Later on, she goes up to the guy she thinks Will is crushing on and tries to get his attention.

So… you know how sometimes people… make assumptions about other people…

(ignores her for Foosball) I’m sorry, what?

Will’s not gay!

Uh… ok.

…All right, then. (walks off, head held high)

BECCA IS ADORABLE. I have known girls just like her, and I am so, so happy she’s on this show.

Then there’s the camp’s lead fitness coach. Dear godinheaven, that woman is annoying. She’s one of those fitness people who LIVES to work out, she is always moving, and she thinks ‘tough love’ (insults and yelling) combined with false enthusiasm (“WHOO!”) is motivating. I’m trying to ignore her as a necessary evil, much like the other characters do. But this caught my ear:

Will doesn’t want to play basketball.  “I have really bad cramps.”

The hideously annoying coach shouts,  “CRY ME A RIVER! You think I don’t have menstrual issues, too? You gonna let your uterus control you?!?!”

…Uh, my uterus does a pretty good job of interrupting my life. It’s about time it got me out of something like enforced exercise.

Oh yeah, and they have a Twilight-equivalent. He’s a GHOST.

Will doesn’t want to play basketball. “I have really bad cramps.”
Hideously annoying coach: “CRY ME A RIVER! You think I don’t have menstrual issues, too? You gonna let your uterus control you?!?!”

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