The Daily Stupid

by f

In today’s stupid news day (partially brought to you by Drew Curtis’

1. Sexual arousal killed a British Nanny.
(How long do you think it’ll take for this to morph into a “masturbation will kill you” story?)

2. Men active around the household are more attractive, study finds.
(And in other news, cows moo, Lance Bass is gay, and I like cheese.)

3. A woman gave birth in an Amritsari airplane toilet and tried to flush the baby.
(Words can’t even describe how horrific this is. The baby is in critical condition.)

3 Comments to “The Daily Stupid”

  1. Have you read about Iranian woman (due to be stoned) is pardoned ?

    • Really? I just did another search, and all I see is that Iran is considering changing the sentence but hasn’t done so yet. And it’s possible they’ll change it from stoning to a hanging death! :-/

  2. Wow, tried to flush the baby?? Its horrible and disgusting, but at the same time its kind of funny in a very morbid/macabre kind of way. o.O; Still, I hope the baby ends up being alright and can go to a family that will actually love and care for it. Some people just don’t need to be walking around with the rest of humanity. oo;

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