Library Pervert

by f

Warning: adult concepts

I work from a lovely library in an upscale town. Right now, I’m on the third floor. I call it Toddlerville because there are so many adorable toddlers here among the big stacks of colorful books. Hey, this environment is conducive to good output, and I get the added bonus of listening to screaming toddlers — I can’t work when it’s quiet. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I listen in on story time!

Fifteen minutes ago, I bent over my work, plugged into Florence and the Machine. Then I had to take a sudden piss break. I left my laptop in the capable care of a sleeping toddler’s mother, and walked past a cluster of computers on my way to the bathroom. Nothing interesting to report.

Then the sight of a monitor sideswiped my right eye. I’m not sure what caught my attention first, the monitor or the man using the computer. His breaths were ragged and I felt uncomfortable. So I controlled my urge to piss like a racehorse and surreptitiously sneak a glance at the furious movement on screen. Guess what I saw?

I saw a woman get a facial. A serious facial. By two dudes. At the same time. You’ve got to admire that kind of timing.

You know, I get a sex-positive appreciation of porn. I might not like to look at two men coming on a woman’s face, but you know what, to each his own sexual ridiculousness. But it’s the children’s fucking floor for crying out loud. And though I don’t think he had his hand down his pants, I’m sure he was about to. I even feel bad for men who, for whatever reason, cannot own a computer and must depend on a library machine to see two men gangbang a girl.

(A girl, who, by the way, looked creepily young. Like not-eighteen young. If I think about that now, I’ll vomit bile.)

My good friend T advised me (online) to talk to a librarian about it. I was on my way to talk to one anyway, but it was good to have some support. When something this surreal happens it’s difficult to grasp at any kind of sanity.

The librarian was very, very helpful. She told the man he’d have to leave the floor. At first he gave her a blank stare, but his reflexes were too slow. He’d not closed the window. So they stood and watched for a scant moment, transfixed by the horror of the situation. Then the librarian shut down the computer and marched him off the floor.

She couldn’t throw him out altogether for watching porn. I’m sure he resumed looking, but on a different floor. There’s nothing illegal about watching porn at a public library. Or at least you can in this one.

But one thing jumped out at me in this situation: it’s not like the computers are hidden from view. I saw at least two or three adults glance at the screen and then turn away. Disgusted, yes, but not taking action. Too many people sit on the sidelines in the most horrific instances. They shouldn’t. It was so easy to get him out. Why hadn’t anybody tried it before?

2 Comments to “Library Pervert”

  1. Other adults saw and did nothing? That boggles my mind. My town’s ibrary has a no-tolerance policy. I believe watching porn on non-kids room computers earns you a talking to once, then they call the cops. And with the new building, no one is allowed on the kids floor without a kid. (Reverse chaperoning.)

    As you say, to each their own, but how desperate do you have to be to watch porn and/or jackoff in a library? The computers are very public for this very reason. One could argue that the library is free, but it’s not like the stuff’s heinously expensive. Assuming you’re not absolutely destitute, you could certainly get yourself a really old computer, find some free wifi and then download and -store- your free porn until you’re somewhere private.

    It’s the adults doing nothing that really bothers me.

  2. The conduct of the other adults is actually far more disturbing to me. I can understand why people might not say something on another floor, a floor not meant for children. But, this wasn’t a situation like this. This floor was meant FOR kids. Maybe he thought the likelihood of him getting caught up there was less than him getting caught on another floor. That maybe nobody would even think to be looking for an adult watching porn. But, the fact that those computers are not hidden from view means that a child could’ve easily seen those images. That’s totally unnecessary and completely disgusting. Also, the fact that that girl in the video seemed to be under age is also worrying. Perhaps he chose to do that on the children’s floor because being around children while watching a minor or someone who seemed to be a minor having sex with grown men made it more of a turn on for him. Which is even sicker.

    That’s definitely a guy to watch out for in the future. Those other adults should’ve alerted someone. The fact that they didn’t is ridiculously amazing. And not in a good way.

    Although, I have seen people in my local library get marched out of the library for watching porn. Even children have been caught and told to leave the library and not come back for the rest of the day. Our library computers here have a program that allows another computer (the librarians desk computer) to lock you out to keep you from messing with the computer after you’ve been told to leave.

    Then again, I live in the Bible Belt, so maybe things are different here because of that. :p

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