Women and the Workforce

by f

From the US National Archives

Women now make up more than half of the country’s workforce.

It’s a quiet piece of news. The major outlets aren’t running away with it, no lip-service on cable TV, nothing. There’s no way to add spice to the news. We’ve certainly heard a great deal about media sexpot Debralee Lorenzana, the employee from Citibank who alleges wrongful firing from that company — but the country’s been strangely mum about the triumph of its silent female majority.

But now there we are, representing half the workforce. It’s a start, but there’s so much more to do. We can ask our young girls to consider specializing in science and math fields. We can urge them to read widely and well. We can encourage them to keep a healthy body image so that they have the peace of mind to go and do whatever they’d like with their lives.

We’ve got a ways to go; for instance,  women are still not well represented at all in upper management and they’re underrepresented in academia, but I feel that that is a generational issue; give the world a couple of decades — and we’ll see the landscape of the world radically altered by the scope of female achievement.

In twenty years, girls will look up into the sky and wonder what that stupid glass ceiling thing was all about.

3 Comments to “Women and the Workforce”

  1. So–you mean that, like–the proportion of women in the workforce VERY ALMOST matches the proportion of women in the population at large!? That’s, like, so weird!!

    But it’s definitely a generational thing. College attendance is a good bit over 50% female. And very few of those are learnign advanced home ec just to earn a husband.

    WHOO! I love positive lady news. :_

  2. Just a random thought ..
    Women now make up more than half of the country’s workforce. Say, in a decade women workforce is 60% or more … by some means. Don’t you think men will start .. with their own revolution ? for being under represented ? 🙂 🙂

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