Nothing is sacred. LOLbuild at the end.

by d

The end is nigh. Twilight has invaded Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D – MN): Then you did–had an incredibly grueling day yesterday, and did incredibly well. I guess that means you missed the midnight debut of the third Twilight movie last night. We did not miss it in our household and it culminated in three fifteen-year-old girls sleeping over at 3am. Uh, so I have this urge to ask you about the–

Solicitor General Elena Kagan: I didn’t see that.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: I just had a feeling. I keep wanting to ask you about the famous case of Edward vs. Jacob, or the vampire vs. the werewolf, but I–

Solicitor General Elena Kagan: I wish you wouldn’t.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: I will refrain. Well, I know you can’t comment on future cases, so I’ll leave that alone.

I will, at some point, go into my reasons for objecting to Twilightat length. Thankfully, my desire to sputter and rant about it has been soothed.

You must watch the video. Kagan’s “I wish you wouldn’t,” made my night. It speaks volumes. Don’t ask me such stupid, trivial, vapid bullshit.

In 1995, Kagan said of judicial hearings (via The Atlantic, a PDF of the statement),

But that said, the real “confirmation mess” … The Bork hearings presented to the public a serious discussion of the meaning of the Constitution, the role of the Court, and the views of the nominee; that discussion at once educated the public and allowed it to determine whether the nominee would move the Court in the proper direction. Subsequent hearings have presented to the public a vapid and hollow charade, in which repetition of platitudes has replaced discussion of viewpoints and personal anecdotes have supplanted legal analysis. Such hearings serve little educative function, except perhaps to reinforce lessons of cynicism that citizens often glean from government. Neither can such hearings contribute toward an evaluation of the Court and a determination whether the nominee would make it a better or worse institution. A process so empty may seem ever so tidy- muted, polite, and restrained-but all that good order comes at great cost.

And what is worse even than the hearings themselves is a necessary condition of them: the evident belief of many senators that serious substantive inquiry of nominees is usually not only inessential, but illegitimate.

Thus, Edwards vs. Jacob. Sen. Klobuchar today embodied Kagan’s criticism.

Some are criticizing Kagan for allowing her own hearing to be conducted in such a manner. To them I say, this is not a stupid woman. It was only last summer than Justice Sotomayor was confirmed, and Justices Roberts and Alito were confirmed in ’05 and ’06, respectively. Kagan has had ample time to assess the current climate and behave in a manner that best ensures her getting the job. Perhaps not the most noble behavior, but she can do the most good on the court, not as an also-ran.

Klobuchar should have known better. She has demeaned the process and her position. Some might say she’s demeaned women on the whole, but I say there’s room for a little levity. If she were a conservative, I might suspect her of trying to ‘out’ Kagan as not being interested in either man-boy.

How would we react to a male senator if he asked a male nominee, “So, the big question: Britney vs. Christina?” We’d say he was sexist, and completely undermining the seriousness of the occasion.

Basically, this happened:


One Comment to “Nothing is sacred. LOLbuild at the end.”

  1. That LOL meme was a total win. 100%. I am a huge fan of Klobuchar ordinarily, but I thought that that was a dumb question and that Kagan’s barb was wholly deserved.

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