Tuesday Quote: Man doesn’t have time for this sh*t

by f

You know, every now and then you hear something in a Jersey accent that just makes you feel good?

(This is me, playing stenographer on the train.)

Guy on Transit:

You know, I just put my dog down and I didn’t have to hear that shit from [friend Chris]. He’s just talking about his extramarital affair — like, he’s cheating on his wife, and you know, his KID knows about the mistress. His kid goes — I’m not lyin’  — “who is she and why can’t I tell Mommy?”  You shouldn’t tell your kid that shit. Why do something like that to an innocent kid? Why do that to your old lady? When I mess up, I take full fuckin’ responsibility. But Chris … he’s in some bullshit fog. He don’t know shit about nothing. If you want to be an asshole, don’t get married. Nobody holds it against you.

Can I just say … awesome?


3 Comments to “Tuesday Quote: Man doesn’t have time for this sh*t”

  1. That IS awesome. It’s nice to see sense at work in the world…

  2. Love it! Reminds me of something out of any early John Patrick Shanley play.

    • Thanks!
      & I haven’t read Shanley — I’m going to read/watch him as soon as I can. Let me know if any of his productions come up!

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