This might be a reason to go to Pakistan.

by f

From the UK Independent:

An abortion hotline which has been set up in Pakistan is facing violent opposition. Islamic groups and political parties have condemned the hotline, which was launched yesterday, as “anti-Islamic” and “colonial”, even though it will save the lives of thousands of women who die each year in backstreet abortion clinics. They have warned the organisers that they are at risk of reprisals.

The hotline, set up by a collection of women’s groups in Pakistan and the Dutch pro-choice group Women on Waves, advises women how to use a drug to induce miscarriage safely and aims to reduce the estimated 890,000 unsafe illegal abortions performed in Pakistan every year.

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I would love to see the anti-choice activists explain backroom abortions. These women aren’t going to have their problems abstinence’d away. Instead, 68,000 Pakistani women die each year because of quack abortion service providers.

Nobody seriously thinks abstaining from sex until marriage is an option. Sex drives are crazy. People fall in love. It happens, you fuckwits. Couple that with a seriously whacked-out marriage culture and you’ve got a no-win scenario. Sorry, anti-choicers. You can’t win this round. Either you shut the fuck up and allow the floating abortion clinics (how awesome is that, they’re literally floating!), hotlines and other services that will address the problem, or let these murders rest on your conscience. That’s right; to preserve some dumb social construct, you’ll kill tens of thousands of women per year who’d otherwise be alive had they had safe, legal abortions.

I’m glad these courageous women are trying to make the first steps. Sure, it will be hard. And yes, there will be threats. But if I did pray (and I don’t) I’d pray for these people. I can say that they are in my thoughts and that I am cheering them on as they fight the good fight.

And now I have a few choice words for the Islamic Human Rights Commissioner gentleman, Mr. Shadjareh.

Yeah, I know the West is the enemy. Or can be. Or has been. I don’t feel it like you do, but I’m aware. Let’s chant: bad West! Bad West! Are we done now? I sure am.

Listen here, buddy. This is what you do. You treat this problem like it’s a goddamn issue. You don’t ignore it, force it to go away, and then, when there’s no hope, bash the people who’re trying to do something about these lives. Lives are lives, bucko. That’s sixty eight thousand of your citizens you’ve thrown away. Get it?

Point is, you don’t give a shit. If you did, you’d welcome support. Or you’d create a domestic program that’d help women out with the sensibilities of your country’s morals. Because clearly you have some kind of issue when society looks the other way and let EIGHT HUNDRED AND NINETY THOUSAND abortions take place in backroom clinics. So what are their sensibilities? Ever bothered to ask them?

These women have the vaginas but you are the cunts. Capice?

2 Comments to “This might be a reason to go to Pakistan.”

  1. How about we make it simple? We’ll use math.

    You start with one woman, and one man. That’s 2 Pakistanis.

    They create one baby. This baby is a sort of potential person, we’ll call it .5 until it’s born.

    If the woman has the baby, you keep 3 Pakistanis.

    If the woman has an abortion safely, you keep 2 Pakistanis, losing the .5 that never really made it to being a 1. This is a sort of non-loss/non-gain. Equilibrium, if you will.

    If the woman has an unsafe, back-alley abortion, you not only lose that .5 potential person, you lose the woman as well. This leaves you with one man.

    If you think that fetuses are people, that means that you’ve lost 1.5, or even 2 people! You’re going backwards.

    If you believe humanity starts sometime later than conception, you see a loss of 1 or 1.5.

    Either way, you’re left with one man.

    One lonely man.

    So, if life is so damn sacred, shouldn’t we be advocating primarily for the option that preserves the most life (keep the baby) and then the next best life-preserving option? That would be the one with safe, legal abortion.

    You can also look at the math for further potential people. A living women may go on to have several more children. A dead woman can’t have any.

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