Gratuitious Male of the Week

by f

So this morning, a very negligent Subterfusex poster named F thumbed through the New York Times magazine while she was on the elliptical. Yes, I know. I visit the gym, though the occurrence is much rarer than it should be.

But then I saw this man’s face and my heart started pounding for reasons not directly related to exercise.

Levon Biss for The New York Times

I don’t know about you people, but this sounds like a face I’d want to save from flying pucks and the rigors of ice hockey. Those frost-blue eyes of perfection make me very happy.

Turns out he’s some kind of hockey superstar and his absolute lack of quiet modesty makes him brash-sexy in a very awesome way. He’s a self-starter who insisted on learning English, who isn’t afraid to flaunt his hotness and be a little cocky in a high-testosterone environment.  Among his many awesome and manly antics:

In a hockey culture that encourages discipline and self-effacement, Ovechkin is a free spirit and even a bit of a showoff. For the playoffs last year, he died his hair red. To celebrate one of his scores he sometimes hurls himself into the glass. After that miraculous goal against Montreal, he put his hand to his ear, encouraging the fans to cheer louder, and after scoring his 50th goal of the season against Tampa Bay in March 2009, he dropped his stick to the ice as if it were too hot to handle — antics that drive old-guard types like Don Cherry, the former Bruins coach who is now a commentator on “Hockey Night in Canada,” to distraction.

Then, there’s this:

In this context, Ovechkin is a new, superior kind of Russian. George McPhee, the Caps’ general manager, said of his star, measuring him against the player who until recently was the most talented Russian in the league, “He’s Pavel Bure in Mark Messier’s body.” In an era when most N.H.L. teams are composed of specialists — scorers, bodyguards, defensive experts — Ovie does everything. “I’m maximum — a max guy, you know?” […] “I always want to be — to do some maximums.” He likes to deliver those thundering, bone-rattling hits as much as he likes to shoot the puck, and he’d just as soon run over (or through) you as fake you out with a nifty move. […] Unusual for such a big star, Ovechkin leads his team in penalty minutes as well as in goals scored. Twice this season he has been suspended by the N.H.L. for what it deems excessive roughness, most recently in mid-March, when he pushed the Chicago defenseman Brian Campbell into the boards, breaking his clavicle and a rib.

Any guy that can stir up the hockey scene  — of all sport scenes  — deserves my respect. Also, he’s hot. Did I mention that this man is really really hot?

Bring on this new ass-kicking kind of Russian. I look forward to his handsome brand of kickass.


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