Happy International Women’s Day

by subterfusex

We here at Subterfuge would like to wish you a very happy March 8th. Every March 8th, the world sits up and takes notice of its ladies. It’s nice to know that the world thinks we’re special for one day out of three hundred and sixty five.

Here’s what’s been happening in Ladiesville over the past year:

1. Yesterday, Katheryn Bigelow won a Best Director Academy for the Hurt Locker. This was a historic win, making her the first ever female director to take home an Oscar.

The fact that it took so long to recognize the worthy efforts of female directors is despicable, but the Hurt Locker was a densely plotted tour-de-force that packed a real emotional (Oscar-worthy) punch. So congrats!

2. The New York Times has a fantastic blog post that links to many gender indexes. It also makes the point that none of these gender indexes represent the whole truth. And that we do not appear in the top ten of any of these lists.

3. Here’s the Unicef’s report on international women’s progress in 2009. Have we made any? If we had any readers, they’d post comments on this. We might discuss this later on ourselves.

4. You can check out their website here, at www.internationalwomensday.com.

The scheduled posts for this weekend will appear either today or tomorrow.


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