Gratuitous Man Pics: Gerard Butler

by d

You may know Gerard Butler as that 300 guy who yells THIS IS SPARTA!!! I think of him as That Gorgeous Scot I Want In My Panties.


Forgive me for the slideshow, Photobucket makes it really, really easy to be juvenile. But the fact remains, I really do want to doodle his surname with my first name and draw little hearts around photos I tack up in my locker. Gerard Butler is one of those guys I could see myself having an actual relationship with. He’s dead sexy, irreverent, AND he’s funny as hell. I was surprised by just now good The Ugly Truth was. I actually wasn’t aware he was in 300, but I may now have to reassess my stance on it… there is MUCH to be said for a bare-chested Butler.

You can thank me for the kilt pic in the comments.

One Comment to “Gratuitous Man Pics: Gerard Butler”

  1. I'm a vegetarian, but I don't mind becoming a carnivore if that means I can get a good peck at that man meat!

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