by f

This is the anonymous account that I use and it’s time I used it for something worthy of a pseudonym. Sex and the human character works.

I’m in a relationship right now and it’s four years strong. There’s no one I can talk to about it because my parents are prudes and don’t want to acknowledge the fact that I’m in my twenties. Not that I would confide in them anyway, but their attitude doesn’t make things easier. Furthermore, I come from a very conservative family and anything related to the bedroom has a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy. Fine, too, it’s not like I want to discuss.

It’s just that in this wide world there’s nobody. Nobody wants to hear it. And, I suppose, for good reason. But what accounts for the proliferation of bad advice on the internet? Clearly people want something. I hear about others in my position all the time, but these instances are fleeting. There’s never enough time to talk.

I do have a friend who is an exception to this rule. Her life’s pretty complicated, too. I advise her sometimes, and we have these great dead-of-night phone conversations, and it is precisely one that we had yesterday that’s making me think about writing something like this. And she said she’d read it, so …

So here it is. This’ll be a blog that I can text to when things happen as they’re happening; where I can post longer posts whenever I feel like about the state of relationships. Lots of people pontificate. I don’t know why I can’t pontificate into thin air.

(This is the fifth blog I’ve started in the past two weeks. Like a game of roulette, I can only hope that one of them sticks.)

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